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gyproc two

the cat ate the gyproc

the cat is playing statues


the wind would weep around the timbers

if it wasn’t afraid


some kind of plant

unjugged on the table

is reaching for a sun-bleached card


kiss me, youth was a tantrum

put out the dish cloth

it leaves puddles on the floor


miss haversham wasn’t born in a day, you know




Oh dear, that was a much longer break than I realized. I have been relocating…

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She knew a nurse…

She knew a nurse

the loving kind

who left the jungle

on a rope and Huey


She did ride a Harley Davidson

looking for a way to die


He had a granddad

came home from the mud

and he is sure

the dying horses

never leave his milky eyes


There was a father, too

as much of him as left—

same jungle

similar mud


When she was a girl in school

she read Wilfred Owen to them all

Some teachers cried

Some friends looked serious


Then there was Falklands, Bosnia,

Desert Storm, Afghanistan


I’m told I’m bred of military men

they never had to look for work





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Thank you, thank you to those ‘following’ what I am putting here.

he lights the sticks…

he lights the sticks they’d gathered

they are brittle, perfect now

they flame as planned


what is the occasion? she whispered

these were for emergency


i’m cold, he said

and leaving here tomorrow




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in death…

in death your cousins are generous

I tell the smiling windowsill friends

their bones

have brought us through again




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