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gyproc two

the cat ate the gyproc

the cat is playing statues


the wind would weep around the timbers

if it wasn’t afraid


some kind of plant

unjugged on the table

is reaching for a sun-bleached card


kiss me, youth was a tantrum

put out the dish cloth

it leaves puddles on the floor


miss haversham wasn’t born in a day, you know




Oh dear, that was a much longer break than I realized. I have been relocating…

Anyway, EB Fay is back.  I also write at,, and


gyproc one

the membrane in the wall ate my dinner last night

this morning, it is all gyproc


i am thinner; the cat is getting fat

the moon is weeping—no parakeets


there was a jug on this table

thrown in the image of me

i hope the thief has planted a geranium there


kiss me, my youth is broken

put out the light bulb

it likes to roam at night


rome didn’t collapse in a day, you know





EB Fay also writes at,, and