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gyproc one

the membrane in the wall ate my dinner last night

this morning, it is all gyproc


i am thinner; the cat is getting fat

the moon is weeping—no parakeets


there was a jug on this table

thrown in the image of me

i hope the thief has planted a geranium there


kiss me, my youth is broken

put out the light bulb

it likes to roam at night


rome didn’t collapse in a day, you know





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Connoiseur number 1 and 2

Number One


I like my poems anorexic

opined the connoisseur

I want to stroke their little bones


Number Two



oozed the connoisseur

is relative


my approbation is worthy of your suffering


I am sensitive

that is my gift




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in death…

in death your cousins are generous

I tell the smiling windowsill friends

their bones

have brought us through again




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an empty house…

an empty house is treasure

a ruin is a treasure simplified

when the trees establish

walls collapse

we can relax




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Two Horses

I watched two horses rubbing noses
I don’t know why
don’t know what happened next
the frame was moving

But something in me lifted, lightened
stretched back behind
as the train pulled me into sunshine



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