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Notes from a towpath


There’s a line of them

this side of the canal

Almost gargoyle

they’re evenly spaced

huddled over plastic tubes

Something drove them here—

the factory, or the lack of factory

Some need that can’t be met

two feet from the bank

in all these miles of streets

and sheds, and little houses


I saw them move today

shuffling, stiff jointed

changing shifts

and still in line

hauling things

I do not want to understand


Today, there was a meeting

burdens piled in the grass

rasped communications

stiffened gestures

and young ones taking part

They parted peaceably

to let me pass

seemed almost kindly

almost kin




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gyproc two

the cat ate the gyproc

the cat is playing statues


the wind would weep around the timbers

if it wasn’t afraid


some kind of plant

unjugged on the table

is reaching for a sun-bleached card


kiss me, youth was a tantrum

put out the dish cloth

it leaves puddles on the floor


miss haversham wasn’t born in a day, you know




Oh dear, that was a much longer break than I realized. I have been relocating…

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